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Secret engagement agenda

We had one secret engagement in the restaurant, where more than ten people were actually involved. There were a lot of details to remember and organize, and we were all so excited about it!

So, let’s see our to-do list on the day!

1. The ring arrives during the day and waits in the restaurant.

2. Our pastry chef is preparing the favorite cake of the future bride, in heart shape form.

3. We are keeping the booth that the groom chose as the most intimate table for the surprise.

4. The photographer arrives two hours early to install two hidden cameras that will capture the entire event.

5. We are checking if everything is working, and if we hid them well, so nothing can be noticed.

6. A wonderful flower arrangement arrives. It will be waiting for guests on the table, and the arrangement is made of natural roses, except for one that is plastic. The note says: “I will love you till the last rose wilt”… and there was the trick about the plastic rose!

7. Some guests come and sit on the table next to the booth. We explain to them what is about to happen, if they mind it, so we can seat them somewhere else. They are thrilled about the idea and excited to see it.

8. We are downloading the couple’s favorite song, so we can play it at the moment dessert is served.

9. The couple finally arrives at the restaurant. Every member of our team is informed about the engagement and recognizes the couple immediately. Everybody is in their specific role, and nobody could ever tell what is happening.

10. A surprise violinist arrives and drinks coffee while waiting for his moment.

11. Roses and balloons come, we hide them behind the guests, so they can’t see it.

12. Dinner is almost over, and the groom is giving a signal to our waiter that everything is ready.

13. We play the selected song, the violinist follows the tune and goes to the booth. Dessert is ready, we add the ring box, light a sprinkler, pour the champagne, and head towards the happy couple. Our waiter is caring on a plate a 360-degree camera, that will be on the table and it will record every gesture, tear of joy, and all the hugs.

14. YES!

15. The couple happily toasts to each other, and the rest of the restaurant raise their glasses in their honor.

16. We bring out roses and balloons that arrived from their friends as first congrats.


We were so honored to be a part of this special moment of your lives. Thank you. Congratulations from our heart!

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