Gift voucher

Recommended price per person: 4.000,00 RSD

For a gift lunch or dinner in our restaurant, you can buy a voucher in the value that you want.

Recommended value per person is 4.000 rsd.

We can send the voucher in digital form, as a pdf, or by post office, on the territory/address in Serbia.

You can enter the desired message for the voucher, the name and surname of the voucher user, choose the value and how you want us to send the voucher. The voucher has no time limit for use.

If you want to buy several vouchers at once, you must insert each voucher individually in the basket, so that they can have different values, the desired message and other data.

Vouchers paid by a card are sent in 24h from your order. Vouchers ordered over the weekend are sent on Monday. Payments on our bank account from website are possible only from Serbian (rsd) account. If you want to pay via bank transfer from another country – please write to us on

Bulevar oslobodjenja 18a, 11115 Belgrade
Intesa Banka