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Our special Sundays

Sunday is the only day of the week when the restaurant is closed.

It’s been like that from the beginning, and our guests have asked us many times why don’t we move the “off day” to Monday, or, even better – cancel days off : ) However, that one day gives us the time needed for the restaurant to rest, get things fixed, painted, redone, and cleaned up meticulously – all things that aren’t as easily done during the regular workweek.

However, one day on one of our guest’s polite and friendly plea, Sunday became a day for a romantic and intimate wedding.

We had put up a buffet for the first time and played with a different way of presenting our dishes; we had put a dance floor in the middle of the garden; all of our chairs and tables had gotten new linens in pastel colors; every corner had had delicate floral arrangements that smelled beautifully. All the while the guests danced, laughed, hugged, congratulated the newlyweds, sung, and had the time of their lives. That was when our guests told us that this type of organized celebration has to be a part of our standard offer. We accepted the challenge with great joy since it had been a great honor to be a part of such a moment.

That was how some Sundays became a day for those amazing occasions that are celebrated with those closest to us when hugs are tighter, generosity is at its peak, and love is boundless.

Organizing such events brings a special kind of emotion and every moment of planning is filled with creativity, freedom, and innovation that’s beyond our regular work. This is why we’re always excited about every new date, and we’re happy to hear and fulfill our guest’s ideas and desires.

The restaurant looks completely different each time.

Since dawn on the day of the event, we have trucks delivering flowers, hundreds of meters of garlands, thousands upon thousands of lamps, candles, delicate decorations, and various little ornaments. Hundreds of people go through the restaurant, everything is set up with haste and care. Everywhere there are ladders, scissors, tape, vacuums everywhere, and everything slowly comes together for a new story to be told.

Alongside our great associates we’ve been working with for all these years, the restaurant has played the most diverse roles.

It’s not uncommon that newlyweds who choose our restaurant were our guests back when they were just kids playing under the tables and running around the garden. They grew up with us, our flavors, and our ideas. We are deeply honored when years go by and they choose our restaurant for their most important date. Despite our restaurant’s long tradition and experienced staff, we must still strive to fulfill our guests’ expectations every single day – and to do even more than that.

Thanks to our guests, we have traveled to every corner of the world, heard various languages, met and observed different cultures’ customs, and brought all of that back to one spot.

For a moment, our garden looked like the gardens of Tuscany with tables set on the grass and the sound of toasts and laughter permeating the clear sky with thousands of delicate little lamps.

For one birthday party, the restaurant looked like a paladar in Havana, full of the hum of the fountains and the music of Cuba. Two Cuban dancers moved through all of the terraces in our garden and danced with our guests, while our servers carried trays of Mojitos and Cuban cigars.

For a day and a part of one night, Franš was fully dressed in white. All of the guests came dressed in white, the decorations were all white, while only, and just a few details were pink, such as our waiters’ bowties, the flower arrangements, and the bride’s dress.

And for yet another day, every tablecloth was a different color with matching flowers, but the flowers weren’t on the tables – no, they were put in little baskets that were hanging from the ceiling.

On our terraces, we had magicians doing their fantastic tricks, ballerinas dancing, actors performing shows, balloon animals and figures being made, games being played, and dances going on for hours.

A lovely little princess celebrated her birthday and for her, everything was pink. The restaurant was full of balloons, bows, and every imaginable pink desert there is. That was the first time we served popcorn! And when you’d step on the grass, you’d see soap bubbles everywhere.


You’ve told us beautiful stories. We’re looking forward to more to come.
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