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Intimate celebrations

A lot has changed this year. At the beginning of the year, we were fully booked. We had many folders and thousands of lists on our computer. We had exchanged countless emails. A lot of preparations had been done for events, celebrations, coming-of-age parties, weddings, baptisms, and other special moments. All of that meant lots of guests, a stage, and freedom, intimacy, hugs, and everything that accompanies such events.

Three months into 2020, everything changed. In a day, everything that we had been used to, everything we had planned – changed, got postponed, or, in the end, with a sliver of will, adapted.

We changed our wishes, habits, and customs to adhere to the new circumstances that 2020 had brought on.

Any event that had been planned to the most minute detail, to the smallest flower petal and its shade, the event that had been waiting for its date, got the change of date. We had hoped that the date would change by a few months before or after, but it had gotten delayed once, then twice, and then got canceled.
We had to change everything, starting with the idea itself. We postponed events, but we also postponed our expectations.
We would sometimes gather in a group of ten, and sometimes in a group of thirty people. That was the new norm and that was what we adapted to.

We complied with life. We understood its haphazardness and then we shaped our wishes and let our imagination flow in a different way.

Unburdened with those expectations, we indulged ourselves and we were surprised with exceptionally beautiful new memories.

We got the beauty we hadn’t thought of before. We liberated it from our wishes and our lists, and it rewarded us with the most beautiful moments and heartwarming memories.
Important dates were marked. There were smiles, tears, and huge bouts of joy. We turned to what mattered most, and we spent weekends surrounded by our beloved.

Less became a lot more this year.

We found the beauty of 2020. We created moments for life.

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