Kitchen stories

Have you heard of our “out of surgery fritter”?

Along with the restaurant, the most innovative and changing part was our menu.

When we started, we had sixty different dishes and specialties, divided into eight categories.

There were cold starters, warm starters, chowders, gourmet specialties, dishes a la carte, grilled dishes, and salads. And desserts, of course.

Today that number has raised up to one hundred and sixty different dishes, divided into fourteen categories.  ( yes, we counted : )  )

Over the years we have enriched our menu with truffle specialties, as well as meal salads, vegetarian dishes, seafood specialties, chicken dishes, and turkey dishes. Each category has more than twelve options, different flavors, and combinations.

We still have few desserts on our card that we had from day one – crunchy biscuits with walnuts, Serbian walnut pie, and our famous fritter in syrup.

In time, our guests and waiters innovated a special fritter and gave it a funny name “out of surgery fritter”. This fritter is cut in half and then filled with vanilla cream, whipped cream, or a scoop of ice cream. These combinations are created in moments when guest doubts between two different flavors. In these situations, our waiters always recommend both!

So, for example, “out of surgery fritter” was created when a guest wanted a fritter, but at the same time, he wanted something creamy. No problem, now there is only one question – what kind of cream? Vanilla cream, whipped cream, or something else? This dessert was recommended so many times, and eventually, it was named and became a part of our dessert selection. Although, it is not written in the dessert card. You just have to mention it to your waiter. The picture will explain the rest…

One thing we are absolutely sure about is that nobody ever resisted this dessert in our restaurant!

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