Together with you, we’ve created so many beautiful memories. We have delighted and surprised your dearest, celebrated your important dates and made them even better. We are honored that you’ve chosen our restaurant. Thank you for the trust you’ve put in us!

Our professional staff, with many years of experience and some with decades of experience in our restaurant, are here to fulfill even your smallest wishes. We offer a variety of menus for festive lunches and dinners, or birthdays and corporate events, which are further customized to your taste. Our wine cellar with over 400 wine labels from different regions of the world and of course, our best winemakers, which perfectly complement the richness of aromas and flavors of our cuisine.

We organize weddings only on Sundays when the restaurant is not open and is fully available to you and your guests. The minimum number of guests for Sunday celebrations is 120 people. The service is from our Swedish table, a range of specialties decorated with a length of about thirty meters. Our chefs complement the choice of serving throughout the celebration, and are there to help with the serving. A grill barbecue is located near the Swedish table, where guests can choose to have some of the barbecue flavors prepared for them at that very moment.

Any guest who wants to can be served at their table for the entire celebration, as one waiter serves a dozen guests. The Swedish table also includes a rich selection of restaurant desserts, which are accompanied by three flavors of ice cream served in cornets and baskets with optional accessories. We serve freshly picked fruits for all your guests. Music ensemble, decorator as well as photographer and cameraman are your choice, but we can always help you with recommendations if you wish.

We always love to gladden celebrants with gifts from restaurants, sprinklers, sparkling wine for every guest at the table and a birthday song, if of course you allow us to sing it.

We have prepared our Franš gift cards for those closest to you, that you can customize with your personal message and in the value of your choosing.

The cuisine of Franš Restaurant is based on the freshness and top quality of the foods, which are chosen with the utmost care. In the treatment process, the restaurant uses only proven products of excellent quality and well-known origin. All meals were prepared at the time of ordering, without the use of preservatives, processed foods or chemical additives. All foods are analyzed on a daily basis by our graduate food technologist, in our laboratory within the restaurant.

Offers of seafood specialties come fresh from the Adriatic, Aegean and North Sea and sometimes from the Atlantic Ocean, with a declaration of the exact date of the catch.

The aroma of our grilled food is recognizable. The meat is cooked in special chambers in the restaurant, which is then roasted on a wooden charcoal – creating the gastronomic taste of the Franš Restaurant.

Pastries and buns are baked daily in a restaurant bakery, with no chemical additives, yeast and no preservatives.

The cakes are also home-made, from the finest Belgian chocolate, Italian butter and without chemical dyes and artificial flavor enhancers.

The restaurant’s pastry shop uses fresh seasonal fruit, or, if it has to, frozen fruit in the restaurant itself. For your special occasion, our pastry chefs can make the cake – just to your liking..

Valet parking.

In the winter season we have 170 seats, within which we have a completely separated hall for 25 guests. We take non-smokers very seriously, especially indoors. In the summer, the garden can accommodate up to 350 guests, all covered and protected from rain and sun.

For any additional information, please contact us by email:

Bulevar oslobodjenja 18a, 11115 Belgrade
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