Years with You...

It's not accidental, it's something, both literally and symbolically, like a fatal love: Let's go, wander, research the novelties, but still, we always come back to it.

And he is waiting for us, in the old place - incredibly, always better, fresher, prettier, younger and with new surprises.
Because he is ours, but the worldwide!
That's why we love Franš.

Franš is, in fact, one real Belgrade mister. And more than anything - Franš is a gentleman, with perfect manners.

Franš smiles, and thanks,
He works hard, softens faces, Franš lures smiles and laughter, Franš is brightening,
Franš sings birthday songs, and when he needs to - hugs, and from every lunch or dinner Franš make a small feast,
Franš speaks foreign languages, both graceful and kind.
We grew up together.
Franš is a place where all women are princesses, and men are kings. Franš is a place to go out.
When it was worst, we were better off in Franš.
And when we were good, where did we celebrate it, if not in Franš?

A fairy tale, sometimes, everyone needs.
Franš is a metaphor.
Invincible Belgrade.

Mirjana Bobic Mojsilovic

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